Friday, March 9, 2007

New York New York

Mystery Isle is perhaps not quite as dark as the "Noir York City" of the Max Payne video games, but it comes close. This is a cooly designed 1940-era New York City that's always shrouded in darkness ... or at least it has been each time we've gone. The daylight photos here come from using SL's force-sun feature, not from the ambient light.

Radio City Music Hall offers dancing and ample seating room for shows. Mystery Isle offers hosted events, including a murder mystery, and some shopping. But perhaps the highlight there is blimp ride you can take from the top of the Empire State Building. Take the elevator to the top (watch out for King Kong!) and wait for the blimp. When it arrives, it will put down a ramp and you can board. Then it will take you on a four-minute tour of the city at rooftop level.

Pay close attention to how the wind ruffles your hair during the ride! Be careful disembarking, too. We both fell off the ramp to a lower ledge at one point or another.

Walk around at street level and you'll find ornate hotels and upscale shops, a diner and some dark alleys. It is a place worth a return visit now and then.

Pictures: Upper left, Radio City Music Hall. Center right, Morgana and Mickey wait for the blimp. Lower left, the blimp ride is underway.

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