Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Another new look for Mickey

This is Morgana and me at an event, me showing a new skin and body shape.

Second Life allows us to be malleable in appearance, but I tend to pick a basic shape and skin to use mostly consistently for a period of time. I seem to fall in the middle between those who are constantly changing the way they look and those who almost never do.

Still, while I change hair and clothes daily or even more often, and skins as called for to fit a mood or occasion (mostly for facial hair changes rather than radically different skin tones), I do tend to keep a basic shape in place unless I'm just moving to a non-human avatar altogether for a few hours.

Still, there comes a time to make a change. I've taken to calling my old new look "The Professor," and I still like it and can go back to it at any time ... but I'm liking the changes I've made.

The body shape I'm using is called Gerhardt, from Bodies by Oh! It's stockier and broader than the one I had been using, and after some judicious slider adjustments, looks nicely solid and well-proportioned.

The skin provides the finishing touch. This is Adam from Second Skin Labs. It's a wonderfully real-looking skin with a good range of facial hair options. The only drawback is it lacks a bald head option so I can't use very short prim hair pieces. But the hair on it looks good, and also works well with medium and long hair.

The skin is relatively new within SL, introduced just earlier this year. It has been well received as being one of the best male skins around, an opinion with which I agree.

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