Saturday, January 6, 2007

The big move

We had an unexpected opportunity to move from our single lot to two adjacent lots on Winterfell, and after a little bit of discussion, we took it. It was not a small decision, both because it will cost more and because it meant having to move our castle.

That second one may have been the more daunting part. Even pre-fab castles are fairly complex to assemble, and this one had given us trouble when we first placed it. But we finally decided the doubled space would be worth the trouble. Not only would it give us more land and more prim allowance, it also gave us an ocean view on one side.

The first thing we did after making the necessary purchases was to take the foundation out from under the castle and use it as a pattern to find the best place for it on the other lot. That left the castle itself hanging in space for a short time.

The new location not only gave us double the space, but a lovely lengthwise riverfront, and that was the logical place to site it, so Morgana laid the foundation in. Then we took a deep breath and got ready to move the inidividual pieces of the building. But Tim Hoffman's castle aligner saved us. One command and almost all of the pieces flew across the landscape and put themselves together. The small number that didn't were easy to bring over. As unimpressed as we remain with his customer service, I have to give him due credit for that aligner script. It works wonders.

The land itself a needed a little maintenance. Returning the previous owner's trees was easy but we noticed most of the ocean had been terraformed so there was no usable water. I set about to scale that back.

For a finishing touch on the ocean side I made a small pier, while Morgana planted trees. All in all, what could have been a pretty complex operation went smoothly and we're starting to put the furniture back in.

We've had three addresses in a short time, but this is likely to be home for a while. It's big enough, the theme of the sim fits our tastes, and we have good neighbors and good landlord. Home sweet second life home.

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