Monday, January 1, 2007

Service, Please

People who run businesses in Second Life must understand the importance of customer service. Just like in real life, some creators are happy to help their customers use their creations, and others seem to vanish right after counting your money.

A case in point from our own experience: We bought a castle from Qabalah Quintus. When we needed some customization, he built us replacement pieces with no hesitation. When he upgraded our model of castle, he provided us a new one with a nominal upgrade fee. Anytime he was online and we had questions, he answered right away. If he was offline, he answered as soon as he could.

Result: We'll be pleased to recommend him to anyone we meet looking for a castle home.

As pleased as we were with his service, however, the castle itself just didn't work for us. After living in it for a while, we found it a little small for our needs and a little out of place in our area. So we shopped for a new one and ultimately bought a high-priced but roomy one from another designer. It featured a control panel to allow the owner(s) to control door locks, window tint and other variables from a single interface, and also had a building aligner tool that is supposed to pull all the pieces together once rezzed.

The aligner worked. Not much else did. Morgana started trying to set up and accidentally delinked the prims that made up the central piece. The designer came over to help only after about a week of repeated IMs.

Once it was set up, things were fine until we realized thet only Morgana had access to most of the control panel menus and I was limited to tinting the windows. No problem, we'll just change ownership to our group (a group that includes just the two of us). So she did, and voila! We now have the same priviliges with the panel. Only one problem: The prviliges we both have are the limited set I had before the change. Now she can't get to the rest of the settings either.

We figured out how to lock the doors with a voice command, but when we did that, the windows turned black. Untinting the windows also unlocked the doors.

So we IMed the designer again. And again. And again. Over what has now been at least two weeks, maybe three. Granted it has been the holiday season, but that's a long time, and we still have had no response. We finally solved the door locking problem by buying a new set of doors from a different creator and installing them ourselves.

Result: We'll tell other people that his building is fine, but his scripting is bad and his service (unless he does finally respond with a really good explanation for the silence) is terrible. And we won't buy anything else from him.

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Morgana Fillion said...

I want to add that if we'd known then what we know now, we'd have stayed with the Q brand - he carries larger castles than the one we bought (which we didn't realize) and the textures can be modified. The biggest issue was that his have a fairytale look to them and our neighborhood is inclined more toward dark Gothic.

Actually, our experience with the prefabs and our own growing knowledge means our next effort will be to build one of our own.

But I'd have no qualms at all recommending the Q castles to anyone.