Friday, February 23, 2007

When in Rome

We've gotten a little more involved in ROMA, one of our favorite places in Second Life. Morgana has become a priestess and I a Senator, as two citizen-initiated groups get off the ground.

The Senate is in its infancy. So far it's only the core group of people who started nudging ROMA creator Torin Golding to endorse the effort, but we will begin trying to add members shortly. Morgana's group has already played an active role, overseeing ceremonies in the recent three-day Lupercalia festival.

While we have many things we like to in Second Life, ROMA being only one of them, it is nice to have a couple of places where we can be more than tourists and passers-by. That's me in the foreground of the picture and Torin on the far end, with JT Vale in between us. Morgana made the togas Torin and I are wearing.

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