Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ghostly Sighting

Winterfell has seen a bit of upheaval over the last day (or night, as the sun never rises on on Winterfell). A new land mass has risen out of the sea to our north, bringing with it rolling clouds of fog and, it appears, causing the destruction of a passing pirate ship.

All hands are lost, I fear, save for one babbling seaman who told a tale of a ghostly woman on shore that led them to the rocks and their watery graves. But he was clearly not in his right mind, and after a final hysterical cry he ran off into the woods.

I fear he may find the darker denizens of Winterfell even more frightening than the ghostly vision he blames for the demise of his unsavory colleagues. I do not expect to see any more of him but we will leave the remains of his ship behind as a warning to other pirates and invaders who are foolish enough to disturb the peace of our shores.

The new region of Winterfell will be called Winterfell Ebonshire and promises to be a dark, rural area, more remote than the township that surrounds Winterfell Castle and the beautiful estate lands of the other three regions that have been developed this past year. At present, it is empty but I have seen our Queen Serra at work before and eagerly await the new view beyond our borders.

Dress: Greta - Last Call
Headpiece: White Bridal Chaplet with Ribbons - Vandeverre's Emporium
Shoes: Egyptian/Mayan Sandals (Silver) - Aries Celestial Designs
Skin: Gala (Medium - Earth) - Empyrean Emporium
Hair: Ember II (Dirty Blonde) - Calico Creations
Other: DE ACLS Lighting (Blue) - DE Designs - good for luring pirates to their watery death

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