Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Real Life has been breathing down my neck lately - a new job with a schedule that has collapsed most of my routine SL social life. But today is my first full day off in over a week, and I thought I'd take some time to sort through inventory and file away a few recent purchases.

As a result, I found myself wearing this ensemble and was so charmed by the effeft that I decided it was time for yet another very rare blog entry.

Most of the outfit is part of Bare Rose's Rosarium set, which comes with the top, the gloves, the silk flower neck adornment and more hats than I can believe - a large and medium version in black, purple and red, all with matching black net and silk flower decorations. The set also comes with a long system skirt which was the only part of this that I wasn't entirely excited about - like so many system skirts, the legs tend to break through the fabric and there are no glitch pants to go along with this set. Even so, Bare Rose's prices are so reasonable that I'm really happy I bought this.

Instead of using the system skirt, I am wearing iki's Bell Skirt with the Net Overlay, and it creates an entirely different effect than the long system skirt did - I think there's a happy little Audrey Hepburn era thing happening here now that is sophisticated and very sexy. Paired with less dressy items, this skirt takes on the personality of whatever it's paired with and promises to get a lot of wear time from me. The bell shape really sets it apart from most SL standard prim skirts. Iki also makes a bell skirt with a pleated overlay, and I think they are essential basic requirements to any SL wardrobe.

These shoes are Tete a Pied's Maryjanes in red to add a dash of color to the outfit and we just won't talk about how hard it was not to want to buy them in every color offered.

The earrings are part of Random Calliope's Eboness set and oh my! If you haven't made it out to Random's newly redesigned gallery (appropriately named Worthwhile), get out there! He's rolled back prices and now all sorts of his stunning jewelry art are available for as low as 25L (yes, that is not a typo). Bring lots of Ls anyway though - with so much wonderful goodies available for so little, you're going to want them all.

Jewelry: The Eboness - Worthwhile by Random Calliope
Skirt - Bell Skirt, Net Overlay -iki
Outfit - Rosarium - Bare Rose
Shoes - Red Maryjanes - Tete a Pied
Skin - Tone 3 - 01 - Au Naturel
Hair - Jennifer (Simmer) - Celestial Studios

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