Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Land

This makes me happy that we hung onto our First Land lots. Mickey and I bought a pair of side by side 512m lots at the First Land rate shortly after we got to SL and joined them under a group composed of the two of us. It's PG, a fact we didn't notice until after we'd purchased it. We might have chosen elsewhere if we had, but honestly I think that might have kept some of the worst of the ugly landsprawl I've seen in other relatively young regions from happening. (Oh yes, it does exist here, but not as badly as it might have.)

We homesteaded there for awhile in a freebie A-frame cabin with a rocker on the porch, and it was a peaceful place to rest between sightseeing excursions until the inevitable urban blight crept in. Our own stubbornness crept in, too - we were getting offers but they were from people who had already messed up the view from our porch with pointless skycrapers (empty except for one small sign announcing willingness to buy land) and rotating signage, and we were damned if we were going to sell to them.

Then we bought our current home on a private sim, and started wondering what we should do with our original plot. After a conversation with a neighbor, we've created the Haemosu Public Park which is composed of our lot and his lots. Just trying to beautify the neighborhood and encourage people to create space worth spending time in. No ugly twirling signs, please!

We're not sure exactly how we want to lay it out - currently its mostly set up as a way to block ugly portions of the view when you're standing on the grounds. But as I was typing this, a newbie came wandering by and took off all his clothes, so I'm thinking that perhaps we need a public rest area here for non-landowners needing to change! (In this case, I'm pretty sure it was a case of newbie trying out his indecent exposure skills... poor guy. Buy the right parts, first.)

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Diag Anzac said...

Hi Morgana and Mickey,
It's your first land neighbour here. Just found your blog. It's nice to know we're providing a service, even if it is to newbies who want go get naked :)