Sunday, December 31, 2006

Someone's been sleeping in my bed

I have to remember to take a snapshot when these things happen -

We've been having a little problem with the door to our castle, Serenity Hall. It's not a huge crisis. No one can take anything, after all, and we have this lovely home so I don't really mind people wandering.

But in the past few days, there've been a lot of unexpected drop ins, mostly people less than a week old and this surprises me since Winterfell is a private residential sim. By and large, they've been friendly and polite, and like I say - I have no real problem with people enjoying our home.

But the other day I was caught off guard. I was practicing building downstairs and suddenly noticed a pair of names hovering just below the ceiling. Someone was upstairs. I aimed my camera that way and there were the cutest pair of brand new baby vampires, not more than two days old, cosied up in our bed. They looked very sweet and I flatly wasn't sure what to do. It was like discovering a pair of deer in your backyard - you don't want them to stay there permanently, eating your garden, but you don't want to startle them too quickly, either.

The evil part of me was strongly tempted to start quoting The Three Bears. "Someone's been sleeping in my bed... and they're still there!" But they were so cute and fresh faced (as the undead go) that that seemed mean. And I really didn't know what sort of protocol I should adopt for this... just go back to my building and say hi when then came down? Ask them if they'd at least wash the sheets before they leave?

Finally, I decided to pull out my ocarina, sit down and start playing it, to announce my presence in the least intrusive way possible. Sure enough, one jumped up and quickly 'ported out and the other also stood up and milled around for a few seconds (looking for the source of the sudden music maybe?) and then also left.

And that's when I first considered that I should have taken a picture.

Today we bought and installed a new door that locks properly, so hopefully the number of drop ins will decrease. Not that we mind visitors - really we don't. But ring the bell and let us invite you in. And stay out of our bed, 'k?

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