Friday, April 27, 2007

What I'm wearing... 4/27

I had one of those moments yesterday, where I wonder why I never see something in SL that ought to be there, and then playing around to see if I can do it. In this particular case, it was 80's style Dynasty shoulder pads. Remember those? Sure, we all hate them now, but anyone who was around then wore the heck out of them. Big oversized shirts, skin-tight leggings or cigarette-leg jeans, high heels and lots of bright jewelry. Strong make-up and hair that was either huge and wild or androgynous and assymetrical and gel'd to within an inch of its life.

So, I pieced together a few items to try to get there.

The jeans are on the underwear layer (designed to be worn with boots, but they work fine as cigarette leg jeans, too) - not the pale acid wash I remember so well, but close in effect, these are Desert Moon Clothier's "Zealot" design. They're photosourced, with nice detail, fading that looks natural and good wrinkles around the upper thigh, as if they've been worn lovingly for some time. All that's missing to recreate 'the look' are the little zippers around the ankles so you could squeeze your feet past the tight opening at the bottom.

The jewelry is another set from Lassiter & Ennui (I do love them so much) - I bought the Rydra set with an eye to using it in ancient ROMA, but it's got that big bright and bold look so popular during the 80s. The set comes with a necklace and set of earrings, in either gold or silver, with a number of stone options. I couldn't decide, so I went with the rainbow set, which is set with different colored stones arranged in a rainbow spectrum.

The shoes are by Solange! and are her Legacy Stilletto's in black and gold. Walking into Solange's is a dangerous stunt for me, because almost everything there is irresistable to me. It's also the brand most likely to get me compliments from strangers. I thought the decadent over-the-top lushness of these shoes worked well. Anything by X3D would have done well, too, should you be more inclined to wear pumps.

The belt is part of a set in my inventory that involves a peacock formal dress and sadly has no designer information with it whatsoever. If you recognize it, give me a shout out. The bright gold sets off the gold in the jewelry and necklace and keeps that high contrast of gold and purple going.

Now the shirt... like I said, this started out as a bit of wondering whether or not shoulder pads were even possible, so I quickly whipped up a system shirt, textured it with something bright and jeweltoned, and created a pair of prim shoulder pads textured in the same color. Then, a system skirt to provide the cinched waist look, and ta da! I have my starting point. I'm going to try creating a few of these with actual planned textures and see how it goes. But even as a test shirt, this looked nice enough that we went out dancing in it and I haven't taken it off yet today. (Fair warning, there are certain positions that happen when dancing that make the prims look momentarily wonky. But no more so than most prims, and they actually add a bit of that Joan Collins strut when walking that keeps making me grin when I see it.) I'm telling myself this version is velour, but I'd like to do a few satin and shiny shirts and maybe a jacket if I can pull if of. So if you like this, stay tuned!

Onto the bod... the hair I used is a male/unisex style called Brandon Cassanova, and if anyone knows who makes the Brandon hairs, please, please let me know. And designers - if you love your customers you will include notecards with your name (SL doesn't always want to let us know when we peek into Edit mode), a landmark, and the name of your shop in case you move after we've bought the item. I'm begging you - I want to be a repeat customer, really I do. I'm not sure what this style would do on a guy's head - I fear it may turn into that overly-processed, ehem, 80s hair. But on me? Wowie! Yes, I did wear this style in RL, why do you ask?

The skin here deserves attention, too. From Skin Within, it's a modifiable tan called Azora using the Sand makeup. While true 80s would probably be a lot more blue/plum and heavier eye make-up, I just loved the way the gold in the make-up played up the gold necklace and contrasted with the jewel-toned purple of the shirt.

Skin: Azora Tan, Sand, Skin Within
Eyes: SS Eye Series3_9, Second Skin Labs
Hair: Brandon Cassanova, honey blonde, maker unknown
Outfit: Top: mine, not available
Jeans: DMC Zealot Jeans, 'tucked-in' version, Desert Moon Clothiers
Shoes: Legacy Stillettos, Black/Gold, Solange!
Jewelry: Rydra, Gold & Rainbow Necklace & Earring Set, Lassitude & Ennui
Other: Belt: Natalia Basiat, shop unknown


Natalia Basiat said...

*blushes* That would be me, Natalia Basiat, and my shop is De Fleur.

Morgana Fillion said...

Yay! Thanks for pointing me to you!

Torin Golding said...

Wow! Kristal Carrington!! ;)