Monday, April 30, 2007

Project Open Letter

I just logged out of Second Life because for the second time in as many days, I was unable to get dressed. Not change clothing - I did the quick change magic poof thing where you switch out what you have on for what's in a folder in your inventory. Except all that happened is everything I had on went away and to rez, and there I stand all nekkid.

Not that nekkid doesn't have its place, but all I was doing was hiding out to sort inventory and if I can't do that or leave to go do something else because I'm all undressed, there was no point in sticking around.

Which leads me to this. Project Open Letter is a polite outlining of the sorts of problems that have become so frequent as to be debilitating for SL users and a request that these please take preference over any further upgrades. Yes, it's something everyone complains about, and maybe the Lindens will pay no more attention to it than they have to these same complaints so far. But as they close down one avenue to speak with them directly after another, what else can you do?

We love SL. We don't want to leave. But when you're reduced to standing around naked unable to do a single thing, you have to do something and hope someone is listening. If there is no satisfactory acknowledgement of this, maybe it will be time (time when I can't do anything else because my clothes won't rez and teleport is broken again) to rethink the monetary investment I put into this. It's bad enough when gridlock happens in First Life...paying for in Second Life is starting to not make much sense.

If you feel so moved, add your name. Each of us represents someone who puts money into Linden's coffers. If there are enough of us, maybe we'll match the complaint power of the corporations they're courting now.

(And on that note - I'd love to see some of them signing this - but I'm guessing they're so separated from our server and database that these things don't affect them. But they should sign anywhere - without us, they have no customer eyes here, and hence no purpose.)

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