Thursday, April 26, 2007

What I'm wearing...4/26

I feel bad that we've not used this chronicle as fully as we should - and it's not for lack of things to share. We continue to find great places to hang out and we ought to be sharing them with you! Also, Mickey has been learning to script and make furniture, and I play with clothing, making (and tons to learn yet) and buying.

Lots of buying.

So as a jumpstart to getting used to writing here, I've decided to graze through my bulging inventory closet and show off some of the goodies I've purchased - at least one a day. Some will be contemporary, some fetish, but lots will be period clothing because I have a weakness for those.

Today's outfit is Victorian and would be quite at home in Caledon or one of the Old West sims:

This is the Day Dress with Bonnet from Vintage Clothing Reproductions. It comes in a few color options, but the one I bought is in Rich Coral, a lovely deep rose shade that shows off all the details. The shape of the skirt gives the illusion of deep, full gathers that move well when I walk.

The bonnet is very sweet - hats are difficult to do in SL, especially those that don't perch flat on top of the head. The maker tried very hard to make room for the sort of up-do hair style most likely to be worn with this, without making the hat hugely oversized. After a bit of experimentation, I found that the style that worked best for me was Mystikal's Flexi Karol, a rich old-fashioned bun with corkscrew curls. It filled the bonnet without overflowing its boundaries and looks like they were made to go together.

The finishing touches here are Simple Things' Victoria Boot and L&E's Cameo Choker. The boots are favorites of mine - ankle high and don't require two parts but still manage to look right without overlapping my ankles when I move. The brown version goes well with almost anything I pair them with.

The choker is a recent purchase of mine, and I've been wearing it a lot - it can be purchased in a variety of ribbon shades, with each version coming in both silver or gold trim. Ribbon ends dangle below the cameo, and it's a wonderful way to finish off an old-fashioned look without looking like you're wearing too much jewelry.

Skin: Gala Medium - Earth, Empyrean Emporium
Eyes: Luminous Obsidian, Sin Skins
Hair: Flexi Karol (JBrown), Mystikal
Outfit: Day Dress with Bonnet (Rich Coral), Vintage Clothing Reproductions
Shoes: Lady Victoria Boot (Brown), Shiny Things
Jewelry: Cameo Choker, Silver, Lassitude & Ennui

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