Sunday, May 6, 2007

Haemosu Park v 2.0 -- coming soon

As you may know, Morgana and I homesteaded for a short time on two plots of First Land in a region called Haemosu, and when we moved to our home in Winterfell, we kept them and turned them into a park.

For a long time, we just had the two plots, free of tier fees under the now-defunct First Land program. A couple of neighboring landowners liked the idea and joined us in the project, adding their land to the park and helping us landscape and equip it.

Since then, things have changed. One of the neighbors chose to sell his five 512-square-meter plots, and in the interest of keeping the park alive, we bought four of them.

We've decided the park as it was, developed haphazardly by multiple landscapers with no overall plan, had gotten to be too chaotic, so we've stripped our holdings down to bare grass rimmed in hedges and are beginning now to plan the rebirth.

We'll post pictures of our progress here.

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